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Buying a house in a foreign country can be a daunting prospect, here at SeloHomes we work towards your best interests so you can get into your new Bulgarian home as quickly as possible.

Once you find your dream house here in Bulgaria, our legal team will look through the history and documentation of the property to ensure everything is in order. Our solicitors will prepare the legal documents ensuring your interests are well looked after.

Legal representation & advice will be available before, during and after the purchase.

We can also help with finding a house based on your own personal criteria, and desires, simply get in touch via email and we can tailor make a search for you.

With our help it is you – the buyer, that dictates the deal

Sredna Gora & Rose valley

The charming Sredna Gora (middle forest) spreads its hills and both mountains create a kind of magical, cosy atmosphere.

The Rose Valley­ stretches for about 87 miles across the Balkan mountain range, dressing up in pink every May and June.

Thrakia & Rodopi mountains

Thracians or Thracian Bulgarians are a regional, ethnographic group of ethnic Bulgarians, inhabiting or native to Thrace.

The Rhodope Mountains are home to some of the most charming traditional villages perched on ridges and tucked away in valleys.

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