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SeloHomes can look after your Bulgarian home while your away.

After your purchase has gone through and you’ve settled into Bulgarian life, you might need someone to take care for your Bulgarian house while you’re away. SeloHomes offers a flexible and affordable after care service, called “Mind my House”.

Gold Aftercare

Silver Aftercare

Bronze Aftercare

  • 3 House Inspections
  • Covering annual taxes*
  • Garden Maintenance and clean up
  • Roof and gutter check
  • Landline and TV
  • Securing Before winter
  • Private Security System
  • Security Webcam
  • Toiletries & lightbulbs
  • Small repairs*
  • 2 Annual inspections
  • Garden maintenance and clean up
  • Securing property before winter
  • Covering annual taxes*
  • Roof and Gutter check
  • Yearly Inspection
  • Covering Annual taxes*
  • Securing of property before winter

Additional Information about Bulgarian living…

Security & Insurance

To have your home insured is very affordable here in Bulgaria. Also if requested we can provide and install a Security system or personal web cam which can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Eitherway, Selohomes has you covered.


You can Import a vehicle into Bulgaria and have it registered with our help. We do however advise that the vehicle you get for Bulgaria is left hand drive, we can also help with the search and registration for a vehicle locally once your all set up.


Taxes are very low in Bulgaria and this applies to properties, land and most vehicles.

Internet quality

The speed, price and availability of Internet in Bulgaria is among the best in Europe, if you do need to work from home the quality of the Internet connection is second to none and can cost very little.

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