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Life in Bulgaria

No long commutes stuck in traffic, just wake up to the morning sun and listen to the bird chorus, have coffee under the grape vines or sat under a tree in your organic orchid.

Home cooking

Lamb,pork and beef are of supreme quality in Bulgaria and in most cases organic and pasture fed. No supermarkets needed, just call the local farmer in the village.

Organic eggs

Head to the barn at the bottom of the garden to check on your chickens or ducks, fresh eggs for breakfast is a must here.


Autumn is a particularly special time of year for pickling sun ripened vegetables and making preserves in here Bulgaria. The traditional method of preserving is in the DNA of every true Bulgarian which is why home grown and prepared food is so common here.

It’s time to learn the tricks of the trade.


A lot can be said to describe the true beauty of the historic Bulgarian landscape. From pristine white beaches to ancient, majestic rolling mountains, a land trapped in time. The best way will be to see for yourself and come and explore the “Real Bulgaria” with us.

Bulgarian wine.

It is no exaggeration to say that Bulgarian Wine is among the best in the world. Here at Selohomes we are fortunate to be acquainted with a handful of small, organic producers maintaining a level of master winemaking. This is we closest we can get to the time when Thracian Kings were the rulers of this fertile land.

Bulgarian Rakia /Brandy.

A traditional spirit made from grapes, apricots, plums, figs or a mixture of fruits. Once you buy a house here you can legally produce rakia for personal use and even install a small distillery within your homestead to make the most of your fruit trees and vines.

Experience our escape weekend

A chance to experience real life here in Bulgaria. We’ll check you in to a rural villa with garden and swimming pool.

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